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Graduate Students

Melike Arslan, Sociology (administrative coordinator): political sociology, sociology of law, historical and comparative sociology

Arjada Bardhi, Economics: microeconomic theory, information structures in collective decision making, political economy of development, and economic history of the Balkans

Miruna Barnoschi, Political Science: legitimacy and authority in the international system, institutions of global governance, international law, international ethics, political theory

Felipe Cole, History: Latin America, sovereign debt, legal theory, legal history

Christopher Dinkel, Political Science: international relations, international law, international adjudicative bodies

Ceyda Erten, Political Science: International Relations theory, politics of migration, climate change, political sociology, statelessness

Teng LiHistory: judiciary, enforcement of property law and policies, legal history of East Asia, China’s experiment to abolish capitalist law (1949 – 1978) and revive it afterward

Erin Lockwood, Political Science: international financial politics, risk and uncertainty, global derivatives governance

Mauricio Maluff MasiPhilosophysocial and political philosophy, philosophy of race, moral philosophy, Latin America

Tyler MilksSociology: education, inheritance of social inequality, culture & consumption, technology, and qualitative methods

Andrew OwenSociology: economic sociology, political sociology, interaction of financial markets and laws, quantitative methods

Aniket Panjwani, Economics: economic history and industrial organization

Carlos Pereira Di Salvo, Philosophy: cosmopolitanism, institutions of global governance, legitimacy and authority beyond the bounds of the nation-state, the relationship between coercion and law, the epistemology of feasibility, the relationship between property, personhood, and poverty

Ricardo Sánchez Cárdenas, Sociology: postcolonial constitutions in the Americas, postcolonial transnationalism, public institutions in Latin/x America

Michael Schwarz, Philosophy: legal theory, multi-level constitutionalism and federalism, legal pluralism, European Union, human rights

Dinara UrazovaPolitical Science: authoritarian institutions, international relations, political and historical sociology

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